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HXI Housing Site Wins Outline Planning Consent following Appeal

5th August 2015: Helston North East Partnership has received a positive decision from the Inspector following its appeal for non-determination for its planning application.

Michael Griffin, Project Director for the Helston North East Partnership, commented: 
“After the public enquiry, the Inspector has found in favour of development at HX1, as identified in the town framework. In his report, the Inspector acknowledged the economic benefits of the site to Helston, including affordable housing, employment during the construction period and then from the proposed office and surgery space.
“The appeal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate after Cornwall Council failed to make a decision within the approved timeline. As part of its decision, the Inspector stated that the enquiry should not have been required and therefore costs for pursuing the appeal should be awarded to Jackamax.
“We will now work closely with the Council to bring forward a quality scheme to provide houses and facilities appropriate for the area.”


HXI Planning Appeal

21st November 2014: The Helston North East Partnership confirmed today (21 November 2014) that it has lodged an appeal for non-determination of its planning application for up to 340 residential dwellings (including 136 affordable homes), B1 offices and a medical practice on the HX1 site to the north east of Helston.

The deadline for Cornwall Council to determine the application passed on 7 November.   In these circumstances and in view of the urgent need for new homes in Helston, the Partnership has decided to appeal the application.  

A public inquiry into the plans is expected sometime during spring 2015.


Helston Town Council’s Rejection of Plans for HX1 Housing Site is a ‘Missed Opportunity’ say Developers

18th September 2014: Michael Griffin, Project Director for the Helston North East Partnership, promoting the HX1 site to the north east of the town for residential development, commented:
“Helston Town Council’s opposition to our planning application for up to 340 new homes on the HX1 site on the outskirts of the town is a missed opportunity by the Council to support something positive for the future of the town.   The decision is disappointing, particularly as the Council unanimously supported the development of this site in December 2013 and the need for more facilities on this side of Helston. 
“This lack of support will be even more of a disappointment to the 650 families in housing need in the area.  Since 2010 just 26 affordable homes have been provided in Helston – our scheme will deliver up to 136 badly needed affordable homes for local people, a 500% improvement.
“The public consultation undertaken earlier this year demonstrated that people living near this site did not want direct road access through their estate which would have created ‘rat runs’ for motorists. The amount of public open space far exceeds the minimum requirements and our flood alleviation proposals will actually improve the situation for existing local residents without posing any risk to the public.
“Members of the Town Council seem to acknowledge that this site will be developed at some point in the future.   We believe that there is an urgent need for development to come forward now to provide the new homes and facilities that Helston so badly needs”, he said.